Is it time for Tracks?

With the last few springs being extensively wet in most of our Straub trade area, you might be thinking about updating to a track tractor, in order to get in the field sooner than with your tire machine. Tracks have definitely become more popular over the years, as they not only offer the opportunity to get into the field sooner, but in the fact that their footprint leaves less compaction to the ground than tires, which obviously assists in preserving soil tilth.

If you’re thinking about tracks, then Case IH is the brand and Straub International is the dealership to consider in this upgrade. Our dealership has dealt with the Steiger Quadtrac from its very beginning in 1997 and have worked with the Quadtrac, and now also the Magnum & Steiger Rowtracs, over these last 20 years. The Quadtrac has always offered advantages over the competitive two track systems, and yet today offer so much more than the recently introduced four track tractor by two competitive brands. The Steiger Rowtracs are in a class by themselves, offering narrow row crop track options in a four track system, while the Magnum Rowtracs offer the advantages of a rear track system, with front tires, that eliminate the challenges faced when operating a two track row crop tractor.

Case IH track tractors are available in the following configurations:

Magnum Rowtrac – 16”-18”-24”-30” belts in 80”-88”-120” row widths

* Magnum 310 Powershift

* Magnum 340 CVT or Powershift

* Magnum 380 CVT

Steiger Rowtrac – 16”-18”24”-30” belts in 80”-88”-120” row widths

* Steiger 420

* Steiger 470

* Steiger 500

Steiger Quadtrac – 30”-36” belts

* Steiger 470

* Steiger 500

* Steiger 540

* Steiger 580

* Steiger 620

You won’t find a company that offers you more in the way of models, options, and true agronomic design in track tractors, and here at Straub’s we’re proud to offer the full line up of Case IH Rowtrac and Quadtrac tractors.

PS: don’t forget, tracks aren’t just for tractors. Case IH offers the Quadtrac style undercarriage track systems on it large frame Flagship Axial Flow combines, as well. If you want to get in and harvest your crops faster, or stay in the field longer in inclement weather conditions, then ask us about the Axial Flow track option.