MacDon Combine Headers

MacDon Combine Header

MacDon Combine Headers

MacDon combine headers are by far the leading draper header design on the market today. MacDon has a rich history as one of the early developers and manufacturers of draper headers, which have long been required to swath down small grains in the northern U.S. plains and in western Canada. Since the mid-1990’s MacDon developed and introduced their line of headers for direct mating to combines, and shortly thereafter developed and introduced the industry’s first flex-draper design. The flex draper models now dominate the market for the central Kansas area, as they have allowed farmers and custom cutters to own a single header that can superbly cut a standing wheat or milo crop, as well as be lowered to the ground for soybeans. Operators who have switched from a conventional auger header to a MacDon flex-draper header find that they can actually increase both header width and ground speed, while providing a superior heads fist entry of the crop into the combine. Key MacDon products sold and serviced by Straub’s are:

  • Rigid-Draper – available in 25’, 30’, 35’, 40’, & 45’ widths
  • Flex-Draper – available in 30’, 35’, 40’, & 45’ widths

You will find MacDon draper headers available at any of our five Straub locations.

MacDon D/FD1 Series Headers

MacDon D65/FD75 Series Headers