Winterize DEF Systems

Many of you own Tier 4 equipment that feature the SCR emissions systems that utilize the DEF fluid. As you are putting away these units for the winter, just a reminder on how you should winterize your units that will not be operated during the winter.

  • Perform a complete after-run procedure. Refer to your operator’s manual if you have any questions on this
  • Drain the DEF fluid from its tank
  • Flush with deionized water
  • Drain the deionized water

* NOTE: do not disconnect any electrical connections related to the SCR system

* SUGGESTION: place a note in the cab that will remind whoever starts the unit up in the spring that the unit contains no DEF fluid, and that it will have to be filled and the reactivation process completed

Upon preparing the machine for spring/harvest work, the reactivation process will need to be completed, as follows:

  • Fill tank with DEF fluid before the engine is started
  • If unit has sat for more than four months, change the main filter on the supply module
  • Start the vehicle and place the unit in a 40%-50% load to initiate the injection of the DEF fluid into the system

These simple procedures will provide you with a quick and efficient start up to your next planting/harvesting season and eliminate any frustrations you might experience due to poor SCR system performance.

Straub Service Staff

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