Reducing Input Costs

Reducing Input Costs

With lower grain prices, farming operations need to be much more vigilant in finding ways to lower their input costs. Today’s planting & seeding technology, along with Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) products can easily provide operators with the ability to precision plant & seed, without overlaps, substantially reducing the amount of seed and fertilizer placed in a field. What you may not realize that with Straub’s now being one of the selected Case IH Precision Planting dealers, we can cost effectively convert your existing Case IH Early Riser, or competitive brand planters, to the Precision Planting vSet electric drive meters. These meters will provide you the ultimate in spacing control, along with single row shutoff capabilities for when you are dealing irregular shaped fields. Teamed with a Case IH AFS system, the Precision Planting system will ensure that you have no overlaps of seed or fertilizer placement in your fields. This means that you will be able to purchase less seed and fertilizer, reducing your input costs. In addition, planting crops at a too high of a rate will severely reduce yields. We also carry the exclusive DeltaForce down pressure to maximize the correct down pressure for uniform depth control which can increase travel speed and help promote early, uniform emergence for yield boosting potential. Along with this also comes the exclusive Cleansweep row cleaner which can increase run time with the simple adjustment from the cab.

We at Straub’s also have the Precision Metermax test stand where we can test and calibrate all brands of planter meter units. We welcome your business to help you achieve the best performance from you planter no matter the brand.

We encourage you to come in and visit with us about our entire lineup of Precision Planting products, and how they can provide you a fast payback, to maximize your Return on Investment. With our just released Case IH Parts Trade Fair program, you can save even more on upgrading your planter for the 2016 planting season. Plus, we can thoroughly inspect your planter for you at a nominal fee, and install any needed row unit components, such as openers, firming points, or closing disks, to bring your planter to like new condition.

We’re confident that with Precision Planting vSet meters and upgraded row unit components, you will get your crops off to their best start ever, maximizing your yields next fall, with significantly reduced input costs in the spring.

Dave Tremain
General Manager – Great Bend

Pub. Wed, 04 Nov 2015 15:30

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