Case IH Patriot Sprayer Distribution

At times we get questioned as to why commercial spray applicator businesses purchase their sprayers from a Case IH Application Distributor, and why farming operations purchase theirs from Case IH dealer, such as Straub’s.

When Case IH purchased the Tyler Co. in 1997, it was immediately elected that the then current Tyler sprayer distributors would become Case IH Application Distributors, if they so choose to remain so. As an Application Distributor these businesses would continue to serve the commercial sprayer business, such as co-op’s and customers who either largely or solely operated in the business of hiring out their sprayer services for custom application for farming operations. At that point in time the Tyler Co. had not pursued, to any great extent, the fledging market of farming operations owning their own self-propelled sprayers. But, these distributors were the experts in working with commercial spraying operations. Case IH did not want to lose this expertise, and also understood that they could also assist in developing the farmer business.

Case IH saw the opportunity to significantly increase the self-propelled sprayer business for the Patriot product line by then also offering the sprayers (the floater product line remained solely with the commercial business) to selected dealers in the Case IH dealer organization. Initially the dealers that were selected were actually sub-dealers of the commercial distributor in their area. Case IH then began building the infrastructure of technical publications, training, etc. for the Patriot line, for the Case IH dealers. For the first several years Straub’s were a sub-dealer of the local distributor, who assisted Straub’s in ordering units, parts stocking, and resolving service issues. Straub’s and the distributor developed a good relationship, both understanding how the other could assist them in increasing the Case IH Patriot business in central Kansas.

Eventually, Case IH completed the development of the above mentioned infrastructure and the Case IH dealers became stand alone, under the normal Case IH business structure. From the beginning, as established by Case IH, the distributors continued to pursue the commercial applicator in their assigned sales and service areas. Straub’s, and other Case IH dealers, have then pursued the farming business in their normal Case IH sales and service area. Straub’s have also assisted the local commercial operations that own Case IH Patriot sprayers with service work that the distributor is not set up for, which is primarily engine service work.

In summary, the two pronged approach by Case IH to have selected dealers sell and service new Patriot sprayers solely to farming operations, and commercial distributors sell and service new sprayers solely to commercial spraying operations has been very successful in substantially increasing the market presence of the Patriot line up. With the financial strength of Case IH, the Patriot lineup has been able to grow and become one of the premier sprayer lines in North America. The Case IH dealers and distributors complement each other well, and we fully expect Case IH to continue with this distribution strategy well into the future.

If you are interested in the exciting technology that the Case IH Patriot sprayers have to offer, we encourage you to visit your local Straub dealership location and/or check out, and select the Case IH tab.

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