What’s new for 2016

Even though overall machinery demands aren’t what they were over the last several years, we’re proud to say that our major line manufacturer, Case IH, is continuing to develop new and improved products to assist farmers and ranchers in being more productive, whether it be time savings, input cost savings, or greater comfort and convenience to allow you to stay in the seat of that tractor, combine, sprayer or windrower longer each day.

As we enter 2016, I would like to recap new features being offered by Case IH for the 2016 model year.

Axial Flow Combines

  • 51/61/7140 Series Mid-Range Combines
    • All-new split concave/grate design, which will reduce the weight of each concave & grate to approximately one-half of the prior versions. The concaves & grates are now half width, making them much easier to install and remove.
    • Optional cross-flow cleaning system will provide superior performance for those operators running in terrace and hillside conditions.
  • 2000 Series Early Riser Planters
    • Case IH has redesigned the industry leading Early Riser row unit to allow for faster ground speeds, but don’t worry, the key agronomic components that provide faster and more even emergence are still incorporated into this new row unit design.
    • Customers will be able to choose between the current Advanced Seed Meter, or the advanced design Precision Planting vSet meter system when ordering a new planter from the factory.
  • Steiger Series 4wd Tractors
    • New Advanced Steering System will significantly decrease steering effort.
    • Improved shifting performance & shuttle shift speed with increase productivity, while providing superior operation comfort.
  • Precision Air 5 Series Air Drill Carts
    • These new carts are a total from the ground up redesign over the prior Precision Air carts.
      • All-New meter design where the operator simply removes an individual meter and casing, and then replaces the individual casing to change from one seed size to another.
      • All-New air flow design to provide significantly more air flow, when necessary.
      • All-New manifold design that features electrically activated gates to adjust the manifold for the crop and fertilizer flow. These manifolds are clear plastic, for an operator to easily be able to tell if there is a plugging/bridging issue.
        • Note: Straub’s are now a dealer for Intelligent Ag blockage monitoring system, which provides for superior monitoring that can even detect a situation such as seed continuing to flow, but fertilizer has become blocked at the manifold.
      • New tank and lid designs, along with an industry leading ladder design, which provides for easy access to the top of the tanks.
    • RB 5 Series Round Balers
      • Variable core formation option for most RB 5 Series balers will allow the operator to adjust from a hard core, to a softer core, if that works better for his operation.


Remember, the Section 179 tax code is in effect for all of 2016, providing you with advanced depreciation on equipment. We encourage you to visit us today for your 2016 equipment needs.


Straub Sales Team

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