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We all know that sports teams have a training room, and in a sense Straub’s have one too. Technically this training room doesn’t belong to Straub’s, it belongs to the Kansas State Fair Grounds, but as often as we have utilized it over the years we like to think we own a piece of it. In all seriousness we are fortunate that the Sunflower buildings on the state fairgrounds are located right in the center of our complex’s territory. No other dealer in the state of Kansas is fortunate enough to have such a facility to utilize to train the personnel. Recently, we took advantage of this facility to train our sales staff on four key Crop Production products that Case IH has recently introduced. What was somewhat unique about this training session, is that we did not focus at all on combines or tractors. Instead, the concentration was solely on preparing a seedbed, putting the seed into the ground, and then making sure that those seeds can properly grow up until harvest. Products we focused on during this training session were:

Case IH recently introduced the 2150 Early Riser planter. Case IH has totally redesigned the tool bar and the row units on this latest generation of the Early Riser planters, along with entering into a partnership with Precision Planting to provide the industry’s most advanced electrically driven seed meter system.

Over the last four years, Case IH has totally revamped their air drill lineup with the Precision Disk 500 & 500T series drills, along with the all-new series 5 Precision Air carts. These drills and carts offer features that our leading competitor doesn’t come close to matching, for precisely putting the seed in the ground and controlling input costs.

Case IH has long been the leader in the vertical tillage market, and are looking to expand their dominance with the 335VT Barracuda version, which incorporates larger and more aggressive turbo blades, for those operators who desire a “blacker” finish from their vertical tillage operation.

For many years Case IH Patriot sprayers have led the industry for precision spraying with the AIM Command systems. The bar has now been raised again with the AIM Command FLEX system, which provides for even greater control of spray application.

It is important for our Straub management team to invest the time and resources to train our sales personnel, and when you combine that with the number of service technicians and parts personnel that we also send to training, it is a significant investment that we are committed to making. This will ensure that our personnel will be knowledgeable concerning the products that you are considering purchasing, along with being able to properly service those units for you down the road.

In closing, we would like to that the staff of the Kansas State Fair grounds for always working with us in the utilization of their buildings, and for providing the community with first class facilities, that even some of the largest pieces of farm equipment can fit into.

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